Millennials Lack Soft Skills: Same Old Story, New Buzzwords

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In the media (as well as in our offices, conferences and other professional settings), it is common to hear complaints about the entitlement of rude Millennials (or Gen Yers) unwilling to pay their dues. A quick search of the Millennial’s encyclopedia — Google — renders such article titles as:

  • “A Big Chill: Millennials Learning Harsh Reality of Workplace”
  • “Employers Don’t Think Much of Millennials’ Work Ethic”
  • “Why Gen Y Workers Have No Idea What Their Managers Expect From Them”

Soft skills (also called “emotional intelligence” or in some cases just “common sense”) are all things non technical but required in a workplace.

They are the skills that cannot be easily tested or vouched for with a degree. Depending on the source, soft skills may include general personality traits, the ability to communicate effectively (whether in person, over the phone, or in text), social graces, and the observance of and/or respect for authority and order. In other words, soft skills = professionalism.

Why should it be shocking that Millennials, the youngest people in the workforce, the least professionally experienced, could lack professionalism? They’re young! (Generally significantlyyounger than those complaining…)

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